Aiken County

Aiken County Transition Team is dedicated to supporting students and their families through increased knowledge of and connections with local agencies to support growth in self-advocacy, development of interpersonal skills, work readiness, and employment skills to become independent, productive community members.

Our 5-Year Dream

    1. Students will have a true continuum of services/supports available and will leave school career/college ready and/or transitioning into jobs or training programs 2. Collaborative team of individuals that support the student by age 13 3. Families and students will be knowledgeable enough to advocate for themselves at a competent level


Cassie Cagle (SPED Director)


[email protected]


  • Aiken County Public School District
  • SC Department of Disabilities and Special Needs
  • Aiken Tri-Development Center
  • Bright Start
  • Department of Juvenile Justice
  • Family Connection
  • Walton Options
  • Parent
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