Allendale County

Our 5-Year Dream

    1. Each student will have a community based work experience before leaving high school
    2. Increase student engagment and empower them to become active decision-makers and participants in their daily school life and community environments
    3. Increase interagency collaboration among families, youth, vocational rehabilitation, community agencies, centers for independent living, and employers
    4. Students will be introduced to all poset-secondary options for education
    5. Train families to empower their children and participate in the transition planning process before the child reaches age 13
    6. Develop a career curriculum to assist youth to build academic and occupational competencies that will allow them to meaningfully participate in the workplace


Constance Mays (SPED Director), 803.584.4603 ext. 1122, [email protected]

Marilyn Ransom (District Transition Specialist), [email protected]

Mr. Fnu Diwakar (District Transition Specialist), [email protected]


  • Allendale School District
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Parent

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