Cherokee County

The Cherokee County Transition team will engage all appropriate agencies and organizations to ensure successful transition for our students from a school environment to post-secondary education, job training and support for employment, and independent daily living in order to become productive members of our community.

Our 5-Year Dream

List of North Star Goals….
  1.  The team will implement a community based work program.
  2. With assistance of Vocational Rehabilitation, 40% of all junior and senior diploma and non-diploma students with disabilities will participate in a paid work experience.
  3. All students age thirteen and older will exhibit autonomy and self-determination by self-directed IEP meetings.
  4. Parental involvement will grow by adding  parent education training in addition to the Parent-Student Transition Fair already implemented.


Bessie Westmoreland, 864.206.2255, [email protected]

Kathy Brannon, 864-206-2106, [email protected]

Alice Porter, [email protected]


  • Cherokee County School District
  • Vocational Rehabilitation
  • Cherokee DSN Board
  • Able
  • Family Connection

Upcoming Events

2018 Parent- Student Transition Fair  will be held on Tuesday, March 27th, from 6-8 PM at Broad River Electric Cooperative located on 811 Hamrick Street, Gaffney, South Carolina