Kershaw County

Mission:ASAPAssisting Students to Achieve their Potential


KCSD Path Plan
North Star Goals

Provide students with the training and skills required to reduce dropout rate of special needs students and increase the graduation rate.

Vision-To provide innovative, high quality transition services to students with disabilities in a manner consistent with student centered planning that reflects the student’s unique characteristics, talents, interests and desires that will allow students to reach a level of independence beyond high school that is within their potential.

Build a program that builds self determination and self advocacy skills in students.

Working together, the transition team and community will expand employment opportunities and work experiences.



Create in students the ability to acquire skills necessary to navigate the community.



Build parents taking an active role in preparing their child for self sufficient living.





Tarrence McGovern, [email protected]

Mrs. Lisa Carter (Coordinator of Special Services), [email protected]


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