School District 5 of Lexington and Richland Counties

The mission of the District 5 Path Planning Committee is to ensure, through local collaborative efforts, that every student with a disability will graduate with the necessary skills to be career and citizenship ready.

Our 5-Year Dream

    1. Transportation available for anyone who requires it
    2. More community based opportunities-students will be better prepared and have a more realistic awareness of job skills and responsibilities
    3. Informed and engaged students and familied
    4. Balance vocational and life-skills with academics in the classroom
    5. Sufficient support from administration and leadership
    6. Student-led IEPs


Angie Slatton, 803-476-8224, [email protected]

District Coordinator: Jinni Friend

School Placement Chairs: Emily Berry, Alicia Dixon, Tiffney Stanley, Kathy Rivers

SC Voc. Rehab. Representatives: Sade Pugh, Wesley Edwards

DDSN Representative: Jennifer Quinn

District Job Coaches: Karan Bundrick, Beth Stone

Special Education Teachers: Elizabeth Magee, Joyce Moran


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