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Leading Collaborative Transition Teams: The Transition Alliance of South Carolina’s Guide for Working Together to Increase Successful Student Postsecondary Transition Outcomes through Active Interagency Collaboration.

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Supplemental Teaming Manual Podcasts

Teamwork. We all want to be good team players, especially when we are focusing on the needs of young adults with disabilities. Why then is it so difficult to form new teams and to keep veteran teams focused? How do we know if our teams are effective? “Leading Collaborative Transition Teams” is a series of podcasts from (TASC), the Transition Alliance of South Carolina. Each of the podcasts in this series addresses a topic that interagency teams in South Carolina and nationally are considering as they pursue collaborative interagency activities in their communities. Join Joy Ivester and Jane Everson as they discuss teamwork problems, strategies, and solutions.

Episode 1: Forming Interagency Teams
Episode 2: Setting Team Goals
Episode 3: Effective Meetings
Episode 4: Diversity + Conflict
Episode 5: Performing Teams