“The most important result at the participant level was an increase in awareness of their disabilities on the part of the students. Many students were unaware that they had disabilities. This is a difficult topic to discuss with children this age, and Able really opened up the discussion from a very positive and empowering perspective…This is a wonderful result for our students”
Sarah Tew, Darlington Team Lead
“I did not like the Me! Stuff at first. It talked so much about disabilities and I felt bad, but then the speakers came and stuff. Then I started thinking my disability doesn’t mean I can’t do what I want to when I grow up.”
Student, Kershaw County
“Students can give the definition of self-awareness and self-advocacy. They can give examples of how they have implemented actions of self-awareness and self-advocacy skills in the classroom, with their peers, employers and parents…Students were involved and want to know their accommodations from their IEPs so they can advocate for themselves.”
Kathy Brannon, Cherokee Team Lead

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