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Working together to increase SUCCESSFUL student post-secondary transition outcomes through active interagency COLLABORATION

Transition Advocacy

The Transition Alliance is in the business of forging new partnerships and the policies and procedures needed to improve transition post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities. TASC has helped to establish 61 local interagency transition teams. 58 of those teams were not in existence before the development of TASC. At both the state and local levels, education organizations and entities are collaborating in new and meaningful ways with VR, DDSN, Able SC, Family Connection, SC DD Council, South Carolina Department of Education and other community and adult service organizations.




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Online Transition Resources

The TASC website makes use of “domains” as a way to categorize and communicate the promising practices in secondary transition to employment in providing support to your local team. The domains include:

  • Transition Planning and Assessment,
  • Student Engagement,
  • Parent Engagement,
  • Interagency Collaboration,
  • Policy, Leadership, and Administration,
  • Staff Development,
  • Community Based Instruction, and
  • Career Curricula.
Promising & Research-Based Best Practices

Transition Conferences

The Transition Alliance of South Carolina hosts an annual statewide conference. TASC also partners, presents and supports other state and national transition conferences. The Statewide Interagency Transition Conference recently held in Myrtle Beach was a great success. Hosted in conjunction with the National (DCDT) Transition Conference, this event offered strategic planning, state policy and program updates and opportunities to learn about local programs implementing research based practices.

Upcoming Conferences/ Events

Statewide Trainings and Communities of Practice

In addition to on-site teaming training and localized training with our agency partners, the Transition Alliance of South Carolina also hosts exclusive trainings, information and networking space on the TASC website. These password-protected collaborative workspaces have downloadable resources and materials, as well as a networking component that allows workgroup partners to stay in touch, ask questions, and share comments, resources and strategies with one another.


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Specialized Team Assistance

TASC can support a local interagency team by making available follow-up consultation, training, technical assistance or the acquisition of materials and/or resources needed to accomplish the goals that are outlined in the TASC teaming manual PATH Plan.

Moderate Team Assistance Application

TASC also offers local teams the opportunity to apply for intensive team assistance. For more information click on the intensive team assistance application button

Intensive Team Assistance Application

Interagency Teaming

Support from TASC also includes assistance in forming and cultivating interagency transition teams. We also provide other forms of team assistance, such as: needs assessment, strategic planning, leadership development, meeting facilitation, team membership development, conflict resolution, networking with other teams, as well as accessing our knowledge of resources and practices. The Center for Disability Resources has developed a teaming manual specific to the needs of South Carolina’s local interagency transition teams.

Leading Collaborative Transition Teaming Manual

What we are learning about transition and collaboration in SC

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Program Staff

Joy Godshall Ivester, M.Ed.Program Director
Leah CordoniProgram Coordinator
Mike StuttsProgram Coordinator

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