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Curriculum Showcase

While the resources may have been vetted by experts in the field, the South Carolina Department of Education, Office of Special Education Services, in no way requires the use of any of the resources provided, nor their purchase. These resources are for informational purposes only and should not be construed as an endorsement of any views, organization, product, company, or program by the South Carolina Department of Education.

Below you will find the vendor profiles for curriculum resource options that have been identified for being aligned to one or more components of the SC High School Credential. Each vendor profile provides vendor contact information, the TASC sponspored webinar, an overview of the product(s), supporting research, sample documents and other relevant resources/ multimedia. 

Vendor Profiles

Conover Online-

Terry Schmitz


Amy Otiz

CEC’s Online Transition Curriculum: Life Centered Education (LCE)-

Nancy Fones

Project Discovery-

Greg Bayers


Amanda Phillips


Janet Estervig

Achieve 3000-

Meredith Wells

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