What Is TASC?

Transition Support for All Students

The Transition Alliance of SC works with state partners and local school districts to improve post-school outcomes for youth with disabilities. Assistance focuses on building capacity at the local level to improve student graduation and dropout rates and effectively use transition evidence-based practices.

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Targeted Assistance for South Carolina Districts

The Transition Alliance supports districts across the state through our tiered assistance program. Each tier is designed for a specific level of support from our team. We encourage you to reach out to TASC with any questions about targeted assistance and how it can impact your district.


Universal (Open Access)

This tier offers open access for assistance to all Local Education Agencies (LEAs) regionally and statewide. TASC offers intake for this tier through registration for events and trainings. Some examples of available support for this tier include:

  • Statewide Interagency Conference
  • Regional Dropout Prevention Institutes
  • Virtual Trainings
  • Communities of Practice
  • Website + TASCApp + Newsletter
  • Summer University


This tier offers assistance to all LEAs by request. This tier involves an individualized intake by application followed by a virtual meeting. Our team will confirm any data and support needed. Some individualized but short term examples of available support for this tier include:

  • Training
  • Technical Assistance
  • Coaching
  • Resource Development or Connection


This tier offers assistance to LEAs referred or selected by OSES. Intake for this level of assistance is done by SC TEAMS. Some examples of the Intensive tier of support include:

  • Training/Coaching/TA/Resource Provision
  • Individualized
  • Ongoing
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Resources for School Districts

Our team is here to help you prepare students for life after school. We are working to make resources and support available to positively impact graduation rates and transition for our students.

Graduation & Dropout Prevention

Preventative efforts go beyond the student. When students stay in school, we are nurturing the community and positively contributing to society.

Find resources specific to encouraging graduation and preventing dropout among high school students with disabilities.


Post-secondary programs promote inclusivity, independence, and successful transitions to adulthood for students with diverse needs. Explore all transition resources available to foster a sense of independence as students transition to life after school.

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Attend Events

Gain access to our network of support and guidance for educators and leaders. You’re invited to attend our events and join our community of advocates.

Meet the Transition Alliance Team

Learn more about the team providing resources and support for those working with South Carolina’s students with disabilities.