Colleton Interagency Team

All young adults who leave Colleton county school district will exit with educational and employment skills necessary to successfully transition into adult living, employment and post- secondary education in order to become contributing members of the community.

Our 5-Year Dream

    1. Realistic , workable transition plans that involve all pertinent individuals
    2. Greater interagency collaboration within Colleton County to ensure smooth transition
    3. Individuals graduating from special services will have paid community-based work experiences


Dr. Jacinta Bryant, [email protected]

Jessica Lairson (Lead Transition), [email protected]

Douglas Moore (Co-Lead), [email protected]


  • Colleton School District
  • Colleton DSN Board
  • Colleton DJJ
  • Colleton VR
  • Family Connections of SC
  • Walton Options
  • Colleton Mental Health

Upcoming Events

April 25th- CIT Monthly Meeting (Colleton VR Office)

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