Darlington County

The Darlington County Transition Team will create an alliance of parents and service providers to form a network of appropriate educational, employment, and community supports to ensure that all students with disabilities participate in their communities; access further training and education; and obtain employment after transitioning to life after school.

The Darlington County Transition Team is dedicated to the growth of self-determination skills and employment skills through instruction and employment experiences for students with disabilities.

Our 5-Year Dream

    1. Students with disabilities and their families will participate in regularly scheduled large and small scale information sessions focused on developing their understanding of the special education process, post-secondary outcomes/expectations, implications of course of study, and available local and state agency resources.
    2. Students will self-direct IEPs by their junior year in high school with supports as needed.
    3. Consistent, ongoing collaboration with state and local agencies, including work experiences for students to ensure seamless transitions from high school to post-secondary life will be implemented.


Lynette Jordan, 843.398.2288, [email protected]

Sarah Tew (Transition Contact) , 843-398-2280, [email protected]


  • Darlington School District
  • Vocational Rehabilitation

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